Knit Collage Cast Away - Peacock Shimmer

Knit Collage LLC

Knit Collage creator Amy Small attempts to capture something pretty big in this skein of yarn: showing the vibrance and energy of Stash and our Founder Sonia Ruyts. How perfect for our October Yarn Story Collection Exclusive, given that it's our 5th Anniversary this month! Multiple colors of wool fiber have been hand-carded and handspun into this one-of a kind bulky yarn. Aqua, purple, blues, even bright spots of orange play together throughout this skein. You'll even catch a hint of sparkle, creating a sense of whimsy. The finished result is a beautiful melange of colors in a soft thick and thin textured yarn. 100% Wool // 2 sts = 1" on US 11-15 Needles // 68 Yards per 100g
$ 39.00