Driftwood 3.5" Interchangeable Needle Set


Introducing the popular driftwood interchangeable knitting needle sets from Lykke.  Made of strong birch wood, these needles are smooth, lightweight and have just the right amount of sharpness at the tip. The unique driftwood finish make these even more stunning in person! 

With a large range of sizes and cord lengths, you’ll always be sure to have exactly what you need to start a new project. And speaking of sizes: they're stamped on a metal band right on the needle, so you'll never get your single needles mixed up again! And not to worry: the join is smooth and won't slow you down.

This set includes:

  • 9 durable pairs of needles from US sizes 3 (3.25mm) -1 US Size 10.5 (6.5mm)
  • 2 cords for 16-inch length
  • 1 cord for 20-inch length
  • 1 cord for 24-inch length
  • 2 connectors
  • 4 keys
  • 8 stoppers
  • Grey Denim storage case


$ 115.00