Fringe Supply Waxed Canvas Field Bag

Fringe Supply Co.

Say Hello to the brand new Waxed Canvas Field Bags from one of our favorite bag suppliers, Fringe Supply Co. 

If you’re not familiar with waxed canvas, note that it is different than regular canvas in that it shows all of the scuffs and folds in the fabric — it’s a sort of crackled surface that shifts and softens with time. That is the natural and desirable character of waxed canvas!

This bag is designed to stand up, with a wide-open mouth. On one interior wall is a panel divided into one medium-sized pocket (perfect for your phone and/or small notebook) and three narrow pockets for needles, tools or writing implements. On the opposite interior wall is one long pocket, sized to hold a folded pattern.

These prints photograph brighter than they appear in person. The colors are most accurate in the picture that features both prints.

Dimensions: 9.25" x 4.5" base (14" wide at top), 9.5" tall.

$ 75.00