Knitted Wit Victory DK

Knitted Wit

Choosing a skein of yarn from Knitted Wit is like trying to choose just one crayon from that enormous box of 64. There are just so many good colors, and they all play nicely with one another. So we ask: why limit yourself to just one?! Try a coordinating speckle and a semisolid, or one of the rock candy colors with its semisolid partner. The colors are cheerful, saturated, and meant to be played with and enjoyed.They work equally well in garments (alternate skeins, please!), baby blankets, pom pom hats, or cozy instant-gratification socks.

Hand-dyed in Oregon.

100% merino wool // 280 yards (256 meters) per 115 grams (4.06 ounces)

$ 26.00