Brooklyn Tweed Quarry

Brooklyn Tweed

You can't beat the squish-factor of this bulky weight yarn. Quarry has a soft and rustic hand, resulting from its unique construction. Quarry is inspired by roving-style “unspun” yarns, offered in pillowy 100-gram skeins. The process begins with three strands of woolen-spun Targhee-Columbia fleece that are nestled together and gently spun together. The result is a plump yarn that looks like a single ply and has greater tensile strength and stitch definition than a true unspun yarn.

A note from Brooklyn Tweed:

Since we never subject our wool to harsh chemical scouring, you’ll find the occasional fleck of vegetable matter that remains as evidence of the sheep’s life on the Wyoming rangeland. The yarn’s one-directional twist may cause it to twirl between the needles and the ball while you’re knitting, but the fabric will be well balanced with no biasing. Quarry knits will bloom to become cohesive and supple after a wet blocking. You shouldn’t notice any change in gauge.

100% American Targhee-Columbia Wool // 200 Yards // 3-3.5 sts per inch on US 10-11 Needles

$ 18.75