Shawl Shape Exploration with Andrea Rangel


October 29th, 2-5pm

Shawls area amazing canvases for exploring color and texture. In this workshop we’ll be practicing five basic shawl shapes: topdown triangle, pi, half pi, sideways crescent, and bottom-up crescent. 

Whether you want a little guidance before diving into your next project, or you’re interested in learning to design shawls for yourself, you’ll get all the instruction you need, and you’ll leave class with five tiny shawls to cement your learning.



  • About 100 yards smooth, light colored, worsted weight yarn
  • Needles appropriate for worsted weight yarn (probably a US 6, 7, or 8/4-5 mm) (Straight or circular needles of any length are appropriate, though a long cord may get in the way and be irritating)
  • A set of double pointed needles, a long circular for magic loop, or two circular needles in the same size as above for working a small circumference in the round
  • Stitch markers

Technique Requirements: Cast on/bind off; knit/purl; have knit a few accessories

$ 85.00